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Crypto Critique is a place for the community to meet and share knowledge and expertise

Crypto Critique is open to all crypto industry related products

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Crypto Critique uses a reward mechanism and provides free DYNMT Tokens

Crypto Critique will become a repository of non-biased information that can be used for anyone involved in or interested in the blockchain industry

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  • Crypto Critique allows you to read honest reviews of ICOs, tokens, coins, exchanges and more. It’s all about bringing the crypto world together and helping the community to understand more about different projects and companies while rewarding you for getting involved.
  • This is your chance to read high quality critiques in a non-bias environment so if you like what you see then why not rate the author and help us to build the highest quality review site?
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  • Crypto Critique is 100% free to use and has been brought to you by the DYNMT Token team.
  • Our platform is an opportunity for you to share your knowledge and experience with the wider Crypto community and is open to all kinds of publication: short, comprehensive, amateur or professional. This means everyone can get involved and earn rewards for their efforts.
  • Submit high quality reviews for the chance to earn DP (Dynamite Points) which can then be traded for DYNMT Tokens.
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  • With Crypto Critique you can find out what your customers are saying and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • We encourage open and honest critiques that will help to build your brand and your business.
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Thanks to our integrated rewards system, you can swap DP earned through the platform for DYNMT Tokens.

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We have designed the platform to be user-friendly and future developments will be introduced with feedback from the community so please share your thoughts with us and help us to build the number one crypto review site!

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Further improvements will be announced in the near future so watch this space!

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